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I wrote this track in (surprise) Edinburgh, wandering around the streets at night just after christmas, freezing.
I was with a few people I'd met at my hostel and we were trying to find a club or a bar or something, and everything looked so so dead and cold and like nothing was going on.
I met this girl Julie and on our last night in Edinburgh, we found this tiny little jazz club and got a couple of glasses of red n sat down.


F, E, A, C - repeated throughout the whoooleee thing

people out in the street tonight
people who dont wanna fight
then the lights arent allowed outside anymore
theyre told to go behind closed doors
theyre only dead to keep the cold out

smokey local in the belief
that a stranger would know and respect his seat
abandoning it for a cigarette
the basis on which i decide to maintain my respect

is that i know too many men like him at home
they come and they come for the music alone
and i know that will be me when i start to feel old

his one pint of dark frothy beer sits sad
when compared with two glasses of red wine
which place would you rather be?
which drink would you rather be drinking


from one foot in the grave, released May 27, 2017




Andie Isalie Melbourne, Australia

Fusing the best parts of jazz, soul and folk into one eclectic musical experience, Melbourne-based singer/songwriter Andie will take you on a journey through her world of earthy textures, energy-infused melodies and sophisticated rhythms.

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